Training & Certifications

I teach yoga in the greater Silicon Valley region, including Sunnyvale, Campbell, Santa Clara, San Jose and Los Gatos/Saratoga. If your are interested in joining the community, contact Hummingbird Yoga for more information.

As an attorney, I learned early on that an outlet to release stress was critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and was essential to sustainability within the chaos of Silicon Valley. I was introduced to yoga over a decade ago. Although initially an intermittent practitioner, in 2015, yoga really "found" me. I embarked on a 60-day challenge and those 60 days morphed into 120 days, 240 days and beyond. 

JOY of Yoga 200 Hour


I received my 200-hour certification studying under Jennifer Prugh.

JOY of Yoga 300 Hour

In Process

Realizing that 200 hours just didn't seem to scratch the surface, I opted to further my yoga education through the 300 hour certification program. This entails an additional 120 hours studying with Jennifer Prugh and 180 hours of additional course work, some of which is outlined in the Other Courses section. As of January, 2019, I have completed the hour requirement.

Other Courses

Always a student

Anatomy (N. Clark) 
Anatomy (D. Kiel) 
Anatomy (L. Kaminoff)
Ayruveda - (J. Kilgore)
Compassion Cultivation (CCARE, Stanford)
Demystifying Lotus & Splits (J. Crandall)
Posture & Breath (R.Rosen)
Restorative (J. Varni)
Vinyasa (S. Ramaswami) 
Yin (M.Matsua)
Yin (P. Grilley)
Yin (B. Clark)
Yoga Sutras (P. Viera) 

CPR, AED, and First Aid for children, infants, and adults

Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga Teacher - 200

Current Affiliations:

Health Fitness Corporation

Ocean of Compassion

Planet Granite

PlusOne Health Management

Studio Affiliations:

Water and Sunshine Yoga Studio, Saratoga, CA

Almaden Yoga, San Jose, CA

Genesis Fiftness, San Jose, CA

Cambrian Yoga and Cardio Dance, Campbell, CA
(650) 704-8553