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Initial Intake Form

In order to best meet your needs and meet you where you are today, it really helps me to get some information on who you are, what your goals are and a handful or other things that will impact our relationship.  In advance of our first session, we will talk through the "complete you."  Please take a look at the details here. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION - FORM UP SOON! Contact]

Terms of Use

I could write a long, convoluted set of terms. But, the bottom line is there is not a whole lot to do yet on this web site. Please use it, enjoy it and know that it is only current as of the day I made changes. If you want the most up to date schedule, please call or text me.
All use of the web site is at your own risk and liability.

Privacy Policy

I value you as a client and want you to know that this is the important part. If you complete a contact form, or subscribe form, or leverage my email or phone number, you are sending me your personally identifible information. Please don't send it if you don't want me to have it. That said, I promise you that I will not share your information without your permission. You can contact me at any time and ask that I delete your information, and I will. I will only use your information to correspond with you, or to potentially send you swag. Have I made sure this complies with every U.S. law, let alone, GDPR? No. Please forgive me. I'd rather be teaching yoga.


Sadly, even yoga brings about the potential for liability.  I separate have insurance and when I teach on-site as an employee of a studio or other health company, they cover the liability.  However, when I teach individual, I need to obtain an Acknowledgement of Liability and release. Click here for access to the form.
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