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Hummingbird Yoga     

∞ the enjoyment of life and lightness of being ∞

Not your typical yoga instructor

I get it.  With 20+ years as a professional in Silicon Valley,  I know the stress. I know the executive pressures, deadlines and conflicting demands. I know the biases and challenges. And through it, I've learned how to be present. To be my best.  That's why my offering is different.  Yes, we'll move. The yoga asana practice is a  key component to my offering; but I also bring body, mind and spirit.  We'll talk stress, growth, and personal and professional development, along side of postures, balance, breathing and meditation.

We'll focus on the complete and unique YOU.

Where I'm Teaching

Want in on the public action? Check out my listing of group classes by clicking below.  

If that's not your thing, and you really want to delve into YOU, click on the Private button!

Are you planning an event or conference and want to build a yoga session in for the participants?  
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